Francesca’s Passenger

Francesca’s Passenger is a new musical set in 1948.

The story follows a shy, quiet young woman called Francesca, who is trying to escape her troubled upbringing, which continues to haunt her. Uprooting to a new town, she begins to slowly rebuild her life as she starts her new job working as a governess.  However, once she realises this household is full of its own secrets, she finds she cannot help but be changed by what is happening around her, and in turn change them. However, it is not her that causes this affect, but rather what she brings with her…

Exploring grief, vulnerability, friendship and learning to love again, Francesca’s Passenger is a heartfelt and deeply moving production, which explores the traumas of war.

An extract of Francesca’s Passenger was shown at the first ever York New Musical Festival and received fantastic reviews.

The Yorkshire Times wrote “each song was melodic and evocative and the simple broken chord piano accompaniment perfectly complemented and supported the vocal line… it is an original idea which has great dramatic potential.”

The full review from the Yorkshire Times can be found here.

Recordings of two songs from the production at the festival can be found below.

If You Can



You Make Me


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