The Waiting Room – Audience Feedback

“On the surface just a well executed situation comedy, but ultimately quite a thought provoking piece… well worth the watch!” – Chris Sheffield, audience member.


“The Waiting Room is a comedy produced by sisters Rachel and Becky, and rather bravely I feel directed by their brother John. While at first glance it seems some subconscious nepotism is at play, everyone seems to work well together and have produced a stripped down enjoyable production.

When you enter the theatre you are greeted by the barest of sets, brought alive by the acting of the cast. There is very little to hide behind, and even less to distract you from the acting of the cast. The Waiting Room is a comedy that centres around three people with very few answers but a lot of questions.

Predictably enough they all have different personalities and outlooks which both grate and complement each other – hilarity obviously ensues!

Ali (played by co-producer Rachel) is a bubbly girl, talkative to excess. She leads the conversations, and by extent the play. While what she says may seem superficial for the majority of the time she exudes depth of character. She seems intent on demystifying the city worker Jeremy (played by Les) who reminds me of a cross between Dr cox from Scrubs and Guy Secretan from Green Wing. Sarcastic and abrasive he deftly shields himself from the banter going around him and brilliantly (kudos to the writers) breaks the fourth wall.

The final occupant of The Waiting Room is Mark (played by Dean) who has a childlike innocence about him (think 12 year old trapped in a man’s body). He shows his simplistic personality with ease, occasionally showing flashes of hidden genius.

The first part takes its time, ambling along the plot setting up the rest of the play. Moments of tension build, and parts will (if you are like me a Londoner) make you cringe. The second half has more meat to it, and got more laughs. It shows a certain playfulness in the writing and the audience warms to the characters.  We find out answers to questions we never expected although I am still wondering the ins and outs of how Aunty Jenny died, and what happened with the Swiss roll.

The Waiting Room is a comedy that definitely deserves the time spent laughing and occasionally thinking about how we perceive ourselves, our life and others. Well worth a watch on a drizzly Wednesday evening with a glass of red.” – Joel Le Clercq, audience member.