The Waiting Room

waiting-room-imageThe Waiting Room is a new comedy based around the conversation formed by three strangers who were unlikely to ever meet. It was inspired by the thought-provoking, entertaining and, above all else, pointless conversations people can have together.

Jeremy, a cantankerous and pugnacious failed businessman, is thrown into a room with the lively and fervid Ali and the dim and credulous Mark. Trapped together, the three pass the time with conversations about life, death and the chocolate game.

I trust they had as much fun writing it as I had seeing it on stage.” – Chris Omaweng, London Theatre 1.


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The Waiting Room was debuted at Courtyard Theatre on October 13th – 18th 2015.

The Courtyard Theatre’s website can be found here.


The 4* review from London Theatre 1 can be found here.

Audience feedback can be found here.

Cast and Creative


waterloo John Callaghan – Director


Les Les Cochrane – Jeremy
waterloo Rachel Callaghan – Ali
waterloo Dean Bartholomew – Mark
Jane Jane Willett – Secretary

waterloo Natasha Oates – Cleaner
waterloo Jacob Hatton – Builder



becky Becky Callaghan
Waterloo Pic Kyle Brown


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